How to: Make Your Own Snuffle Mat

Our cats and dogs are smart, social and active animals who have busy brains.

Just like us, they get bored; and just like us, they need entertainment, too.

Snuffle mats are fun interactive toys that can make mealtime an enriching activity for your pet.

How to: make your own snuffle mat

By hiding your pets’ food or treats amongst the strands of the mat, they will need to use their brain and senses to sniff and search out the yummy snacks.

You can buy these mats from various providers, but they’re also super easy to make all on your own.

Here’s our simple guide to making your pets their very own snuffle mat.

What you’ll need:

  • Fleece material or felt (this is an excellent use for old jumpers or throws)
  • Sharp scissors
  • A rubber matt with holes in it (non-slip bath mats or outdoor mats work well)

Let’s get down to business:

Step 1: Cut your material into long strips. The strips can be between 3-5cms wide and should be at least 30cm long.

Pro tip: The longer the strand, the more difficult the puzzle. Adjust the length of your strand for the ability of your pet.

Material for making a snuffle mat

Step 2: Coming up from the underside of the mat, thread both ends of the material through the holes in the mat.

Snuffle Mat step 2

Step 3: Tie the two ends of the fleece together, bringing the knot as close to the mat as possible.  Fluff the lengths of material in an upward motion.

Snuffle Mat step 3

Step 4: Repeat this for each hole in the mat until there are no empty spaces.

Step 4 snuffle mat

Step 5: Fluff all of the lengths of material up and hide treats or your pets’ food amongst the strands, and call your pet over for some fun.

Snuffle mat complete