How to: Make your own egg-cellent cat toy

This new world means you’re probably spending more time at home than anywhere else. The silver lining? More time with your pets.

As we’re all adjusting to extra down-time and less time spent outside socialising, our pets are showing us the ropes about what life indoors is like.

They’ve got this nailed down to a fine art. Breakfast...nap...second breakfast...pre-lunch nap…and so forth.

BUT, what about when you’re all napped out and you’re not hungry?

You’ve probably heard about enrichments for your pets (like toys, or games or walking). Well just like your pets, you need enrichment too – we’re sure the parents among us are well aware of this.

Let’s talk toys!

Right now, buying toys might not be an option, and luckily we’ve got news for you. You can make fun pet toys all by yourself, plus they make a great activity for kids.

Give yourself and your cat an entertaining project, and spend some time together making this DIY toy.

This egg-celent toy is fun to make, and yummy for your cat to eat, too.


1x six cup egg carton

3-6 x cat toys or small balls

1 x regular feeding amount of your cat’s dry food

2 x small portions of your cat’s favourite treat (a dab of wet food works well)


  1. Fill the egg carton with your cat’s regular food, evenly dispersed within the egg cups.
  2. Place a small portion of your cat's favourite treats in the bottom of two different egg cups within the carton.
  3. Place a ping pong ball over the top of each egg cup filled with biscuits.
  4. Call your cat for dinner and watch them figure out the puzzle!