Six reasons to shop at AWL’s Thrift Shops

Have you been thinking about thrift shopping, but you're not sure if it's for you? Or, are you trying to get your friends and family to come thrift shopping with you? Well, keep on reading. We've got six reasons why you should head down to an AWL Thrift Shop today.

1. Your fabulous finds will be the talk of the town

People of all ages and all backgrounds donate to our thrift shops. So, you'll find unique items that you simply wouldn't be able to buy anywhere else.

You’ll be rolling in compliments from friends and family about your authentic 1920's lamp that makes the room 'pop'. Or, about the luxury-brand shoes that you bought for just $5. How nice is that?

2. You're helping the environment

Buying preloved items reduces the need for new goods to be made and means you'll divert these items from landfill. Go you!

Australian's care about our environment, so reducing the production of items and reusing the things we already have is fab.

3. Your wallet will thank you

Did you say high-quality things at incredibly low prices? Yes, and yes.

Our AWL Thrift Shops are all about raising funds for cats and dogs who need our help. We've got amazing and unique clothes, goods, accessories, homewares, shoes, electronics, furniture, and more – and we're selling it all from prices starting as low as $2.

4. You can change your wardrobe guilt-free

That's right; we're giving you permission to do a whole wardrobe refit.

You don't even need to feel guilty – shopping in our thrift shops is environmentally friendly, affordable and most importantly, helps cats and dogs in need.

5. You can trust the ethics

When you're buying second-hand items, you're exiting the 'fast-fashion' world and giving preloved clothes and items a second life.

If you're handy, you might even be able to alter, repair, and recreate items into a whole new interpretation. Then you'll definitely know the ethics behind your wardrobe.

6. You're helping pets in need

Shopping at AWL Thrift Shops is a fantastic way to support the cats and dogs in need across South Australia.

Every single dollar raised in our shops helps us feed, treat, train and rehome the lost, abandoned and surrendered pets in our care. With every scarf, top or shoe you buy, you're giving pets the second chances they deserve. Thank you.


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