The AWL is going green!

The AWL team are doing what we can for our environment by implementing and embracing greener alternatives.

With just a few simple steps and making some all-round changes, the AWL has been able to make the Wingfield and Edinburgh North Shelters cleaner, greener and more environmentally friendly places.

Some of the steps in place to reduce our carbon footprint is to separate our waste from organic, recyclable and general waste, reusing or recycling used paper, working primarily through email and even installing solar panels at our Edinburgh North Shelter.

These steps and measures taken to reduce our carbon footprint not only benefit the environment, they also help us keep our outgoing costs for things like waste collection and electricity down – which is much needed for a non-government funded Not-For-Profit like the AWL!

You can help our “Going Green” efforts by ensuring any donation you make are able to be used and not leaving un-usable items behind such as old pillows, doonas, quilts etc as these just add to our waste costs.

So remember, no quilts, no pillows, no doonas!

Going green as a Not-For-Profit has also been made easier by supportive companies such as Modern Solar who gave us a fantastic deal on our brand new solar panel system and inverter to help power adoptions and the running of our Edinburgh North Shelter.

These are just some of the ways we are currently trying to make a difference.

The AWL is going green!