Bow Wow Gourmet Treats

Bow Wow partners with the AWL

Bow Wow Gourmet Dog Treats proudly supporting the AWL

The AWL has welcomed a new sponsor on board and it is none other than Bow Wow Gourmet Dog Treats!

Bow Wow is kindly donating a range of their fabulous dog treats each month to the animals in our care because, after all, they certainly deserve a little treat!

Bow Wow will supply the AWL animals dried little fish, roolami, roo jerky, pigs ears, beef liver, beef training bites, pig snouts, cookies, bull chews, tendons, jumbo roo rolls and roo filled rolls! WOW!

All of the treats donated by Bow Wow are used for our Behavioural Training Assessment Program and Environmental Enrichment Program – which make a big difference to the quality of life for the animals still waiting for their forever homes.

We will regularly show you stories of the success of some of the programs on social media so keep your eyes peeled!

Everyone at the AWL can’t thank Bow Wow Gourmet Dog Treats enough for their kind ongoing donations and support!

To pick up a treat for your special friend and to support those who support us, visit the Bow Wow team at 307 Hanson Road, Wingfield from 7.30am-2.30pm Monday to Friday, or order online at

About Bow Wow

Nova Concepts was established in 1997 with the idea of importing supply of pet treats to meet the demands of the Australian market place for new and unusual treats.

Within a year of our beginnings from a small warehouse, we found there was a need for quality Australian produced treats that imported treats could not supply to the mass market.

Our team at Nova Concepts has researched internationally and locally to work towards producing a range of premium high quality products. From the recruitment of food technicians, engineers and veterinarians, we strive to produce innovative products made with great care from our factory.

To have the ability to have full traceability and enhance our quality control systems we have implemented our HCCP. Our factory is located at Para Hills, in South Australia employing approximately 55 Full-time and Casual staff. As well as being members of PIAA and PFIAA, the Managing Director Michael Marinos is also on the Premier's Meat Hygiene Advisory Council as the representative for the pet food industry.

Nova Concepts exports to many varied countries all over the world such as Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, USA, Canada and as well as preparing to expand into the European market.

We remain focused on being innovative and leaders of bringing fresh and new products to the market. Research and communication with pet owners and clubs where the grass roots are, we use their experience and knowledge. They are an important part of our development. Their support and endorsements are an integral part as we will continue the drive to strive for excellence.