Toby, Lucy, Todd & Michelle

“It has now been 1 year since we adopted our gorgeous dog Toby and we could not have asked for a more perfect dog than our Toby. He is our whole world and has brought so much happiness and love into our family. He is so happy and healthy and so loved! 
We treat him like a king just as he deserves. I will never forget the day we came into the AWL Wingfield Shelter and saw him. We will never comprehend why someone would give this dear little dog up.
We could not stop at one, so last December we decided to adopt another dog to give a good life to and provide companionship for Toby. So we adopted Lucy too! What a doll she is!
We could not believe our luck to have adopted two beautiful dogs who adore one another. Both Toby and Lucy are very much loved - their highlight every day is a walk along the beach.
They are our world and we would encourage everyone to adopt an animal who desperately needs a second chance in life.” Todd and Michelle