Simba, Evette, Connor and Scarlett

'We adopted Simba in May 2018, we affectionately call her ‘Simba-girl’. Simba quickly adjusted to her new home. The AWL prepared us that Simba was known to scratch furniture, so had been an outdoor cat.

We use Feliway spray to scratch prone furniture occasionally and bought her a 4 tier scratching post which has resolved this behavior and she is kept indoors.

Connor (5) and Scarlett (4) absolutely adore her, fortunately the feeling has been mutual. Simba loves the kids and they know when to give her space.

Today she met her lovely Vet and bravely obtained her Vaccination Certificate. Simba is the perfect balance to our home, well cared for and happy.

Special thanks to the AWL staff and her previous owner for taking such good care of her.' - Evette, Connor and Scarlett